Meaning of the name Lea:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Finnish, Slovene
musician, unique, funny, pretty, and i think it means wide valley of flowers or something......-leaaa
lea means lovey
im lea and i love it
Lea Michele!
Grrear endy MeadowTruly, if you look up Lea on dictionary. com, you will find that it means, Literally, Grrear endy Meadow. But think of what you think about when you see a grrear endy meadow and that is what this person's personality is. Sweet, beautiful, warm, inviting, and fun.
L: LiterateE: EntrestingA:Artistic.Lea is a name commonly spelled "Leah" in which both names seem to be a creative name but lead to more creative people :). People i know named lea, are different, but in a good way :) i think parents name their kids "lea" cuz they know they want their child to grow up, funny, and smart, and goof,y and artistic, sweet, and wonderful :)
my name is Lea and in hawaiian it means the princess of the canoe which is pretty special because there wouldn't be anybody in hawaii if there was no canoe :) (I'm from hawaii)
My name is Lea and it is not more true I am very funny and LOTS of people tell me I am pretty and several buys like me at school.
In Chinese it means plum
Beautiful, Incredible, creative. Its a rare name and it is german. Not many people in the world have it. It is not english.
My name is Lea and im very sporty!
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