Meaning of the name Leah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Hebrew, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
leah means a sweet, independent girl who likes to hang out with her family and friendsgood luck in high school leah
a beautiful girl who loves life and lives for God.
Leah is a girl who is kind and caring
Leah means a beautiful girl who loves evrybody
a beautiful baby girl cause for all you saying bad things and the name leah and the people named leah thats my baby sisters name and shes beautiful and has a great personality and shes blessed
people yall shouldnt say bad stuff about this name because you wouldnt like it if someone said that bout your namee!!
Leah is my best friend and the most caring person i know!!!!!! so you can all just shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she a vey good dancer as from me leah
we belive leah means a love for music
leah is a hebrew origin meaning to be weary
im not sure exactly but i know leah has something 2 do with god. in hebrew leah frst part le- in hebrew means to or for. ah a hebrew letter hey means in conclusion ur a spiritual person your name means for god.The name leahs personality trate is:has verry strong leadership qualities but is up 2 her 2 use them for good she usually has a number of talents but 1 that stands outbut she also has a very big bad trate she has 2 work on through out her life and tries to acomplish it as she goes onevery leah i know is beautiful and charminga very likeable personwho tries 2 make ppl. feel better and help ppl. out in lifeleah is truly beautiful
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