Meaning of the name Leanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Leanna is a smart, daring, kind hearted, and talented person. At times she can be jealous and tough. She can also be very impatient sometimes. She's a fashionista and looks out for others. She hates when people are bratty, self-centered, or uncaring. Family is important to her. Also loves to travel...
leanna means beautiful
i named my daughter LEANNA because it means so precious. she is so sweet, fun to be with and so smart..
LeAnna mean is shining light
loyal,smart,caring,looks out for others
a really good athletic friend. she rocks off my socks!
I am Leanna I am 10 years old and thank you for these comments expect Dorothy Muster I don't get her sorry
It Means Light My Name Means Light
hi i'm leanna i love these comments.I'm 10
a happy go lucky girl
The name Leanna that comes from the two combined names of Lee and Anna would mean one who is imbued with both prosperity and grace. From the biblical definition prosperity means to advance, have peace, make progress, and succeed.The name Leanna means one who is empowered by God to prosper her in her ways and in her life. Of course none of this can take place until and unless Leanna gives the reigns to her life and heart to God for Him to be able to guide her in the way she should go and what it is He has called her to do. When this is done, Leanna becomes a powerhouse for God. There is an old saying that still water runs deep. Leanna may or may not be a quiet person when she is around other people. But when she is alone with her God she is quiet, and still. For it is there that she hears God speak to her and learns the things He would have her to know. Getting alone with Him and truly listening with her heart and putting into action the things the Lord has instructed her to do causes Leanna to develop a deepness within her soul. A deepness that only a few are able to acquire. Is Leanna a super saint that only thinks of God, studies His Word day and night and in general lives a monastic life? No, she is as spiritual as the rest of us and she sins and makes mistakes just like the rest of us do. The only Perfect One died on the cross for us. Leanna is an ordinary person living out her life and trying her best to do what she believes the Lord is telling her to do and go where He leads
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