Meaning of the name Leanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Leanna is a smart, daring, kind hearted, and talented person. At times she can be jealous and tough. She can also be very impatient sometimes. She's a fashionista and looks out for others. She hates when people are bratty, self-centered, or uncaring. Family is important to her. Also loves to travel...
leanna means beautiful
Lenna I'm so so sorry i did not mean HATE you -Dorothy Muster
LeAnna mean is shining light
loyal,smart,caring,looks out for others
i named my daughter LEANNA because it means so precious. she is so sweet, fun to be with and so smart..
It Means Light My Name Means Light
hi i'm leanna i love these comments.I'm 10
I am Leanna I am 10 years old and thank you for these comments expect Dorothy Muster I don't get her sorry
a really good athletic friend. she rocks off my socks!
my name is leanna and to me that name is very unique like me... im very diffrent from alot of people cuzz im unque
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