Meaning of the name Leanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Leanna is a smart, daring, kind hearted, and talented person. At times she can be jealous and tough. She can also be very impatient sometimes. She's a fashionista and looks out for others. She hates when people are bratty, self-centered, or uncaring. Family is important to her. Also loves to travel...
leanna means beautiful
i named my daughter LEANNA because it means so precious. she is so sweet, fun to be with and so smart..
LeAnna mean is shining light
loyal,smart,caring,looks out for others
a really good athletic friend. she rocks off my socks!
I am Leanna I am 10 years old and thank you for these comments expect Dorothy Muster I don't get her sorry
It Means Light My Name Means Light
hi i'm leanna i love these comments.I'm 10
a happy go lucky girl
She loves to sing and dance.
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