Meaning of the name Leena:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Finnish, Estonian
It means your kinda intelligent but not all the way there. You are very suspicious and some people call you a freak show. I honestly love the name vanessa but some of the girls named that are freakn stupid or retarded well thats all.
i voted for all of them too :)
It is also an arabic name that means baby palm tree
Leena is a girl in my school and she always pulls her dress up and she wears a neon pink shorts with neon yellow hearts. She also has a matching underwear!
I like this name i once read a book that said the nice girl LEENA!so u guys that said Leena is a ugly name i think your name is a ugly name i also think the name leena means beutiful bye
there was a priness named leena she was the best prissnes
leena is a great name is so cool fun rad and loveable
it means that you are very gentle and sweet and you look really nice
very nosy
a kind and intelligent person that is very suspicous
it mean a tiny tree
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