Meaning of the name Leena:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Finnish, Estonian
i voted for all of them too :)
there was a priness named leena she was the best prissnes
leena is a great name is so cool fun rad and loveable
It means your kinda intelligent but not all the way there. You are very suspicious and some people call you a freak show. I honestly love the name vanessa but some of the girls named that are freakn stupid or retarded well thats all.
It is also an arabic name that means baby palm tree
it means that you are very gentle and sweet and you look really nice
I like this name i once read a book that said the nice girl LEENA!so u guys that said Leena is a ugly name i think your name is a ugly name i also think the name leena means beutiful bye
inelegant, touching, beautiful, my best friend
That's my nameeee !!!
the best friend
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