Meaning of the name Leigh:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Loveing and is a genuin friend
it means loving, caring, hyper, weird, but gentle and funny
this meaning is that its a loving and caring person
leigh is my middle name i talk alot make weird laughs kinda crazy and weird sometimes all at once
this name means your whole life is bang on mateeyyyyy and to be pretty onest wi u all your just like THE most amazing person on this earth and your name is even better than star evans plus wer all 'arrrrdERR! than anyone :) inabitt
My best-est friends middle name is Leigh and she is the most different person you could meet in a good way shes hipper all the time, not afraid to be her self or to tell you the truth, she has big brown eyes and i can trust her with my life more than my mom at times
just a pretty awesome person. can't find my whole name, so I'm having to look it up in parts. and no it's NOT leigh ann. my mom thought that would be way tp normal.
Hopeful, shy in front of adults but not friends, and smart
every thing that is positive
field or meadow
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