Meaning of the name Lena:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Scandinavian, German, Russian, English
it means "angel" in german
it means you are the best person eva :)
being a lena is sweet!!! :P
It means your the best friend anyone can ever have.
Best person I ever met!!!!
My name is Lena and everyone says I'm the nicest person they have ever met. Also that I'm very pretty... =D
seriously. it means angel. in GERMANY.
It means that you are loving and caring. You love to have fun
You are freaking awesome!
The name Lena is a very popular name for girls. It is pronounced as LEE-nah. The language of origin for this name is Arabic and Latin. The dictionary meaning of Lena in English language is "palm tree". Lena is the Diminutive or short form for names that end with line such as Caroline, Adeline, Madeline etc. it has variants like Leena, Leina, Lena and Lyna.
it means child of light in Hebrew
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