Meaning of the name Leslie:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
it means she is smart and tallented and yes very talented and she is very shmexsie and i love her se is not afraid of anything even wen she looses something r someone.she is strong,forgiving,loving,caring ,sweet,and most funniest person i kno
leslie is the best!!!
outgoing and loud,funny and pretty weird.
beauty and shy
all the above
leslie means that is a fu,crazy smart person. she is really outgoing and a person who cares about people. she can be really loud but a true friend
means she is outgoing ;)
It means a nice and caring girl, cares for anything!!!!
the greatest woman in the world
garden of beauty
leslie is nice and she loves her family she is smart and she cares about and on november,28 2011 she got her hair cut and she is pretty and yes she is very smart.
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