Meaning of the name Leslie:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
it means she is smart and tallented and yes very talented and she is very shmexsie and i love her se is not afraid of anything even wen she looses something r someone.she is strong,forgiving,loving,caring ,sweet,and most funniest person i kno
leslie is the best!!!
outgoing and loud,funny and pretty weird.
beauty and shy
all the above
leslie means that is a fu,crazy smart person. she is really outgoing and a person who cares about people. she can be really loud but a true friend
means she is outgoing ;)
It means a nice and caring girl, cares for anything!!!!
the greatest woman in the world
garden of beauty
hi my name is leslie i am shy,funny,beatiful,caring,crazy,loud,rude sometimes
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