Meaning of the name Linda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Dutch, German, Scandinavian, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian
it means beautifull
ok if your moms name is linda it means shes a pretty detremine and confident person
lovingindependentnot horribleda bestaaaaaaaaamazing
Fun loving and pretty
prety beatuifullovie
hey my name is Linda to i think it is the best name in the whole world
Linda Sue Jablonski
Linda's are sweeet loving mothers and would do anything for there children. that's why i love my mom. name is linda and i am ugly in real life
buitiful-spanish word
Someone that is very pretty and will stick to what they believe in and STAY WITH IT. They're also pretty nice but can over react to small things. They are organized but can get very stressed out when they're going somewhere and they're afraid of overpacking but they need a lot of stuff. I am getting all of this information from my mom, who's name is Linda.
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