Meaning of the name Lindsey:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English, Scottish
I trhink it means pretty, smart, little bossy, and sweet. But thats just me. any guy would go 4 a Lindsey
It means you're awesome, amazing, and super gorgeous.
it means bossy but sweet shy but annoying my name is lindsey and people describe me as shy anoying bossy sweet beautiful smart weird and amazing
pretty, smart, active , always open to friends and it alsso means Linden Trees by the Water
my name is lindsey and i think it means nice,smart,cares about the people you love
First of all, I love it because it's my name, and I am often told it means Linden tree Island.
I'm going with Linden trees by the water, but I think the pretty and smart thing fits me.
my name is lindsey and yah
Lindsey means you rock out or that what i think cause my name is lindsey.
my bff is lindsey and we call her linder or lindy or lindz binz shes a kewl khat
My lovey girlfriend :]and a lesbian, she really knows how to eat cat too, i mean WOW i came so much in her mouth last night. I can barely even walk this morning. oh! and she's good at nibbling on my nipps :] I love her, and i will never let her go!
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