Meaning of the name Logan:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Scottish, English
a funny guy
good sense of humergets infected peirceing quite often causes trouble for the police and breaks into churchs
loves boys.... boys love us to
Logan means small cove, or lagoon. and its of Irish descent
There's a road in Missouri named Logan Avenue and it makes me feel special!!! Oh! I almost forgot! I'm a girl named Logan not a boy!
my brother's name is Logan he can be nice and rude which ever way he wants
a handsome kid
it also means that you can do anything you can put your min d too and iam a female that loves my name
It is the exact definition of amazing!!!
ok i know i shouldnt post this here but these are all strange answers that ive been told in person i am (by the way my name is Logan) so ya thanks for trying to help me understand my names meaning haha
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