Meaning of the name Lois:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Strong Maiden Warrior .
faithful pretty wonderful smart happy nice
Lois is English ! She is amazing !!
lois is da best!2k11
My Best Friend ever!!
lois is an amazing name and she is da best luv ya loads xxx
Im lois and it means caring, loving, helful, strong,and the best friend you can have.If you mess with my friends ill give you a beat down.Ill keep a secret and will never lie to you at all.I am senitive and love animals i think my name is a good name to have.I am a Lois and im proud of it.I am a warror:)
I love her!!
My sister is called Lois and she is sooo not a Slag whoever sed that is one.
Friendly and a little bit shy but is ag reat sister and not a slag.
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