Meaning of the name Lolita:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
it means beautiful girl inside and out! and they dont lie are smart and are not annoying u stupid fruit that said they wer!!!!!!!
hay im the one who said stupid frut! by the way Lolita means TOTALLY AWSOME PRETTY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everyone luvs her:))))))))))
In Japanese lolita means cute ,original (like alive in wonderland
I think Lolita means pretyyyy and nice and trustworthy
Little But Strong
I believe in Japanese it means cute..but for Spanish? I'm not sure.. I think it might mean something along the lines of..beautiful girl? I'm not sure ^^
Beautiful. Smart pretty and respectful
it is a pretty cool gamei love that namethat is a spanish name it is veary awsome namelol funny name
Lolita means a young girl who is attractive to older men.
She is a girl, she dates random men and she ends up getting put in the dumps and fine persones to me about it allllll the time!
nevah heard o da name
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