Meaning of the name London:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Intelligent, funny, and DEFINITELY A LEADER!!
My best friend's name is London and I love her SO much!:) She's beautiful, hilarious, sweet, kind, and creative:) She's the best:)
Ruler; Born to be a leader and follower
crazy ; loves to party
pretty ; beatiful
for sure a leader lovey and outgoing
My name is paris and my little sisters name is london. That is really wierd. I think it means nice sweet and pretty
a very cool girl to hang out with!! :)
london is a very cool person to hang out with!!!! a very good friend!!! :)
London is the capital of England.I know cause I am London ,and Im going there on Easter
I have a friend named London he's so sweet to me and his friends.He's awesome. He has a twin brother.
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