Meaning of the name Lorna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Scottish
a person of great atpillowude
it means beauty and bravery, i had a book that said :) x
lorna means a fantastic mother who has a daughter that doesn't know how lucky she is
my moms called lorna too
it means beauty , i found dis is many books && on websites . x
my mums lorna
I have a friend named lorna and she is very nice and caring. she is the best at everything.
An artistic person and beautiful
lorna means someone who is a fantastic at cookin
i have a friend named lorna she is beautyful and smart and encoureging
well i have a 'friend' called lorna she is a loving doghead, she thinks the world revolves around her, she doesnt care about other people she thinks she is more important than anyone else, basiccally the worst friend anyone could have.
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