Meaning of the name Luna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Roman Mythology
Luna is an Awesome Name ! it means: Honest, trustworthy, smart, a little weird, but someone with the name Luna can be the Best Friend Ever:) and I'm not lying, because i have a Bestie name Luna:)it also means "Moon", and the moon will always light up your night.
moon, mysteriouse
sol means sun luna means moon
it means your no afraid to talk your mind and stand for something you believe in.
luna is a girls name and its a simple but not common name so it makes it special
luna ismeant for the moon i was born at night so my mother named me luna i luv the name its pretty and it stands for something
this is my name and the meaning actually matches me...
My name is Luna Aliana Mirana. my mother told me that it meant "Beautiful rose in the Moon"
the name luna is the latin word for moon in greek mytholgy the goddess of the moons name was artemis or selenebut in roman mytholgy it was luna that is selenes roman counterpart luna had two siblings in greek mytholgy when the greeks called her selene her siblings where eos goddess of the dawn and helios god of the sun
I like to eat CHOCLATE
The goddess of the moon. The spirit of dark. The witch of the moon.
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