Meaning of the name Lynnette:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Pretty girlSelf-reliantCreative in practical waysIndependent, diligent workerYou enjoy the simple pleasures of life and you like the outdoors. You love spending time with your friends but sometimes you open up a little too much. Also sometimes you are a little shy and too serious.
she is a very nice friend
a cascade; waterfall
learn how to spell smart one
a cascade; waterfall
out there
what is wrong with you all???!!
hey my best friends name is Lynete(it's a different way to spell)she's mexican(so am i) she is ALWAYS shy -well not ALWAYS but she is shy and she is never loud.She is quiet in school!!!!!!!!!!!! and she is soooooooo not hot!!!!! :-|
Pretty much the jist of me.
my name is lynnette !! hahaha im N O T to seriouse !(:
and second one
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