Meaning of the name Macy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Macy is a freakinn' amazing name , end of discussion . ;D
The coolest person you will EVERRR meet!
a girl that is great at giving advice and is alwase there for you! very georges girl good style.
i think she is super nice and cares about stuf so shut up
Macy means I am the most beautiful girl I know
A crazy but very sweet girl and smart and pretty too
go to the house of your enemy and spit on her hair so it is sopping wet!!!!!!!!!!!
thisname means to me athletic , a girl giving her all to become sucksessful
macy is a very tall person she likes basketball she has beautiful hair and awesome eyes... she hates football players they are too dogy
means that this name is amazing and legit and gently caressin awesome:)
A Store..duh...
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