Meaning of the name Macy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Macy is a freakinn' amazing name , end of discussion . ;D
The coolest person you will EVERRR meet!
a girl that is great at giving advice and is alwase there for you! very georges girl good style.
Macy means I am the most beautiful girl I know
i think she is super nice and cares about stuf so shut up
A crazy but very sweet girl and smart and pretty too
Macy is a name that is bright and sweet
macy means a crapy girl that loves making fun of people. She is super fat and thinks that she is all that. SHE IS A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
enduring, and whats this stuff about me liking mat????????????
hm i just looked up my name not a crzy wacked up rumerz!
Someone I like to gently caress cause she loving lovey
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