Meaning of the name Madeline:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French
The name Madeline means "the beautiful tower".
i think it means your the awesomest person on earth
It's my name! :) I think it's French, originating from the name Madlyn, and it means "of Magdala" or "the tower".
Madeline comes from the Greek name, meaning "High tower."
This is my name. It means a tower in France!
Cool and a party animal.
i think madeline means your the most awesomest person on earth.(my name is madeline)
Its My Name :]]Means "Tower Of Strength"And It Is A French Cookie Sold At Starbucks [[Luff Dat Place]]I Luff Da Name MadelineDis Name Is Ahhmazzin'
A girl who ain't afraid to do stuff! My name is madeline and I luv it!!!
My Name is Madeline people call me maddie and it is pronounced Mad a lyn
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