Meaning of the name Madeline:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French
The name Madeline means "the beautiful tower".
It's my name! :) I think it's French, originating from the name Madlyn, and it means "of Magdala" or "the tower".
i think it means your the awesomest person on earth
Madeline comes from the Greek name, meaning "High tower."
This is my name. It means a tower in France!
Cool and a party animal.
i think madeline means your the most awesomest person on earth.(my name is madeline)
wait, im a tower????
Lovable, loves style and music, sometimes nerdy, taco lover :) and is a total good person and a awesome karate teacher!!!!
the best person on the earth, fun to be around, likes to be talked about cause it maekes me feel special.. ppl are jealous!
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