Meaning of the name Madelyn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
My name is Madelyn. I'm smart, athletic, with lots of friends and I'm just plain crazy!!
My name is Madelyn, too.It means nice,very pretty and can be smart when the girl named Madelyn wants to be!
strong and very meaningful. a brick house with not tolerance for ignorance. she is lovely and devine
My name is Madelyn and it means beautiful athletic and graceful.
one of my friends's names is madelyn and she loves to swim and is very smart.
My name is Madelyn. My name means beautiful, love's others, kind of has a temper, a big MAJOR Atpillowude, loves hot guys,
Madelyn means "has a beautiful mother"
My best friend's name is Madelyn- she is really energetic, has a sense of humor, is kinda shy, crazy and is always there to help someone. SHE IS AWESOME~Libbie
My name is Madelyn, and im nice i keepmymouth shut and i love with all my heart, but i never trust anyone
my name is madelyn and it means funny and beautiful blonde but can smart when wants brave cheerleader blue eyes graceful but most of all loves friends and famliy anf i personaly think that Madelyn is a perfect name of a little girl and good nicknames are maddog, mads, maddy, may may, lyn.-Madelyn age 10 2015 love hard every one
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