Meaning of the name Maia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology
my name is maia to..I hate when people spell your name wrong or can't pronounce it correctly, but I am also shy I love art and doing things that involve in art.. Now I love my name because there are people out there that has the same name as me.. At first I thought it was just me that has maia spelled as the way its spelled, but now I am proud to be Maia.. Go Maia's lol
Maia is a beautiful girl who is comprear endionate, sweet, caring, loving and different. She loves to smile, laugh and be silly, but she has her depressed moments, too.
Greek Mythology, Roman MythologyMeaning:it means mothering in greek origin or great warrior of maori originMaia means smart and loyalTall and beautiful, shy, very intelligent, many talents also such as music and writing and art, prear endionate and emotionali totally agree i'm all those things
Maia means one who shines with the light of God. It also means beautiful girl. Maia was one of the oldest names in one of the oldest languages, Sanskrit. Maia was one of the 7 sisters of the Pleides. She was not only the duaghter oof a god, but also the mother of a god. My dad told me all of this, and I am proud to be named Maia.
Maia means smart and loyal
it means alot i just hate when people spellit wrong
My name is Maia to i did not know about the god thing thank you for telling me i love art and music and i love space i get great grades and people so far in 6th grade do not say my name wrong but i HATE it when people say it wrong i am funny and creative and funloving. I love gems and rock But i HATE clothes shopping. I love video games. That's my meaning of the name Maia
Maia was a Roman Goddess of love and was the eldest daughter of a God. She was shy but loved to care for others and was the most beautiful of all his daughters.
Maia Means loves to play and hates going shopping and it means the beautiful one but it means the god of all gods :). I love my name!
In Swahili, Maia means beautiful flower
Maia is a great friend who loves to dance and grove all the time i love u mimi
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