Meaning of the name Makena:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Eastern African
a really nice person who never gives up and never turns tere back on a friend
It means amazing, beautiful, happy, and a great person
Makena means: Beautiful person and abundant person
makena means beautiful,wise,humbled little girl!
makena means wise
Makena means a unpleasing frend somtimes but sometimes it means a good frend, yours trulyCHARLOTTE
i am makena i know what it means gift form god it is hawin name beach
My name is Makena and it means abundance or abundance from god in Hawaiin
it means strong mountain in name is Makena!!
Makena means you have anger issues so you throw pickles around the house at everyone. They get mad at you so you throw a huge temper-tantrum, then you have to go in time-out.
so cute and love Maui,Hawaii
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