Meaning of the name Marcia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Spanish, Ancient Roman
warrior and it derives from mars the warrior god, and is origanly latin and the female form of Marcus. If you were a roman woman born to a father named Marcus you would be named Marcia, because it was common for even girls to be named after there fathers. My name is Marcia and it is not pronounced Marsha it is Mar-see-ya
my mother name is marcia too and it means kind gentle free sprited person
it means nice,kind,sharing,brave & confident.
my mom to it means a confidant women
it means brave
That is so rude! Marcia is a wonderful name and she is my mother!
this name she is a awesome thougtful createtive warm hearted person
someone who is pretty, smart, and is a great name!
It mean courage
my grandmothers name =)
sweet and generious
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