Meaning of the name Marcos:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish, Portuguese
considerate and loving
marcos what i think is a really smart, funny crazy, good looking, and nice sweet boy and really makes people feel happy i should know hes my closet friend
it means worrior. i believe its anchent azteck or something like that. atleast thats what my mom said
sucks mathews dog
My crazy brother that i love XD
This name means doesn't really like to talk about feelings and can be a player but is super cute and sweet!! (:
Hot,lovey,cool..I love him!
I love him!! He means so much to me
a really nice person which doesnt know wat real love is jajaja love u marcos garcia 8th grader sad cause u dont like me bak but i love as hell bye hope u find someone speacial that will love u like i love u
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