Meaning of the name Marcy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
funny,overprotective,playfull,cute,smart,brave, if your marcy your a true friend because you protect the ones you love
A very Beautiful girl with a big heart,great smile with nice teeth ofcoarse her personality is bright and she's always there for who ever needs her she's Loveable and a great friend
the female form of mark meaning mars god of war
hates justin beiber. sorry my name is marcy and i hate him
My mom's name is Marcy and she is so loving and caring
I am strong with curly hair. I would do anything to protect my family and friends. Once you cross me, I will never trust you again! I either absolutely love you or emphatically hate you, there's no in between with me. I speak my mind and like to be my own person. Everyone loves my smile and thinks I'm cute!
a fun loving mom
My name is Marcy...And Im creative...sarcastic..Love music to dance..workout..super
my name is marcy and i love music the color purple and black. Am an awsome person to hange out and lo9ve making you laugh:D
Loves horse has a great personality who is a one man girl
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