Meaning of the name Margaret:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
margaret means totally bubbly and outgoing and smart and wacky but also serious when she wants to be...which is usually never
It means Pearl in Greek.
it means a wonderful lovely woman
very sweatbut can be very serious and fun
it means a girl that is beautiful and not a horrible fine person
a loving woman
It means "Pearl." It`s Greek.
Margaret is very creative and talented
It means smart, pearl, entergetic at times, outgoing, beautiful and kind.
Beautiful,wonderful,smart,talented,and when she leaves you will be crying and you will be sorry. I miss you Maggs!
You people are so wrong my sis's name is margaret and ya she could be seriouse most of the time but she is a risk taker and she is fun loving good and she will DREAM OUT LOUD WITH ME YOU ROCK BIG SIS!!!!
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