Meaning of the name Margarita:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Late Roman
my names margarita and my name means daisy, pearl....and a fruity drink servied and most barss =]] loll partyyyy wit the marzzyy tehhehehe
It is a type of flower in spanish.
it means an alcoholic drink in mexico
it means the best.
margarita :) = daisy = a flower = a drink = a pearl && in japan = Sun
Ratchet fatty from indiana
i am a russian girl
Margarita means a flower, a drink, a pizza, a pearl, and my name.
margarita means happy girl
my name is margarita and i am from colorado,usa and my mom is from guatemala and my dad is from mexico. in guatemala margarita is a princess and in mexico it means a beautifull flower :)=P
Big pillowIES(: Bigg endey(: bIG LIPS(:
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