Meaning of the name Margie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Pearl, in Old English.
most awsome grandma
The ruler of the whole entire human race. Or at least, will be someday. Watch out, cuz the Margie Armada is comin to get you.
my tia margie is a really cool person who has two kids ones a girl and the other is a boy the girls name is leah and the boys name is joesphe
A really. Cool mom funny,awesome, pretty
it means awesome pretty smart and muffins!!!!!!! :P
she is not a fine person she is my mom if she is one you are to and not nerdy but really pretty
my grandmas name is margie and she is the most awesome gran in THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my moms name is margie and she is really beautiful and smart and is always a big help for evryone!
Our mother's name was MARGIE and her soul was of pure beauty and light. She comfort us and held us close as her children and loved us unconditionally. Her home was warm and open because God,Family and friends was of the most importance. She was a wonderful and loving grandmother that will never be forgotten. Rest in peace momma.
margie fonseca
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