Meaning of the name Marissa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A girl who is likely to not only be great throughout the year, but also provide you with the perfect summer fling. Marissas are the type of girl that are genuine enough to stay up all night with you, doing something insane like eating Cheez-its. Then a Marissa is even nice enough to nap it off with you during the day. A Marissa typically has a smile that only a poem can do justice to, and the cutest giggle when she knows she hits the spot with a clever comment. Her personality can comfort you, everything from a nice hug to a long distance call, Marissas are typically the spunkiest girls around.
funny and cool
it means goddess
Marissa does not mean: dumb, snotty, mean, back stabbing grl who dates dum bad boys. idc if ur bf dumped u for ur bff Marissa, but Marissa means: of the sea( which means she likes to be in water EX. the ocean or the sea... or a pool) and Strong and courageous( she is able to endure physical challenges and any problem)
it means of the sea
sweet honey bee, one of the ocean i know because its my name
My best friends name is Marissa and she is the best person ever!!!!
My name is Marissa. My name means of the sea and honey bee. I love the water--cant stay away--and I love nature. Marissa's are all around kind people with an edgy heart. They may be a little insecure and a tinge snappy, but they are loveable and people say they can fall in love with me instantly. I love being a Marissa.
sooo great
marissa means an amazing friend and can tell when something is also means a powerful loving person that was born from heaven.
wonderful girl who is pretty both inside and out!
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