Meaning of the name Marquita:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (African American)
She's Very Beautiful and Independent..... Never Lets Anyone Or Anything Gets In Her Way.
Is means know matter what anyone says, she knows in her heart she can be anything.
MarQuita means honesty, loyalty, and respectable
All that can fight n wupp yo rear end beautiful and independent who doesn't take brown off of anyone test me n see. Smart and is the best at any task
the name Marquita means a nice intelligent young lady that loves to have fun and is independent & she loves money..
my name is marquita sheared and all this is right this how i think act and how i am
translated. "little one of the sea"
little pudin pop
Marquita means you are a very smart, beautiful, and independent woman.You are a very easy going person and love to help your family.Love to be in control and never show your emotions.You're a very observant person and you also speak your mind.You always motivated and nothing or no will get in her way of accomplishing her dreams.You're very attractive and when you're in a relationship're very faithful but you never jump head first into to anything always think practical before deciding on anything OMG I WROTE THE FIRST DEFINITION YEARS AGO I AM NOW 20 YEARS OLD AND WHO EVER WROTE THOSE RIDICULOUS AND NEGATIVE DEFINITIONS (I CAN TELL THEY ARE YOUNG) NEEDS TO GROW UP.
Marquita is my little sister and she love money marquita mean smart by her self and pretty
Whoever said that last one don't you worry about it if you are another Marquita just like me... if you are reading this, I hope that you are a Marquita so mabye one day we can meet.
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