Meaning of the name Mary:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Biblical
out-going personailty, cared for others, lazy at times,honest towards some things in her life, trying to be a good person, loves who she is, beautiful and likes to be around freinds that love her for who she is.
Beautiful and talented
well, this name means kind hearted and always does the right thing
an amazing person, caring thoughtful, full of love bursting from her quiet beauty, a wonderful lover.
treasured and loved
nice kind hard working smart loving and honest
she is actually nice and shy and clever! not fat and nitter! dont be so rude!
my name is mary.i love school.i love is my southern (VERY) stuck-ups just are not my "cup of tea". i dont have a lot of money but i have a family & thats all that matters! i dont know what the TRUE meaning of mary is but this is me,mary.i LIVE IT,LOVE IT,& BE IT. its just who i am. (:
my name mary means star of the sea
Kind often lazy but loves to play sports and loves to mess with boys emotions
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