Meaning of the name Mateo:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish
gods gift in spanish
funny and has a big personality
it mean mathew mateo is the name in spanish
matthew in spanish.
You are stupid who put the last comment!!! girl!
hes a good friend. hes totally sweet and caring. understandable.
My names Mateo and most of these actually represent my personality. No, I'm not really short, but I am a nice person and I care about my friends. To be truthful I'm not ALWAYS understandable, doesn't mean I'm always hard to understand. Yes, it does mean Matthew, no I'm not lovey. And I don't know anyone named Lauren.
nickname for mateo is ace
the mateo that i know is really short, sometimes a pervert, and really funny!
Mateo means Matthew and yes he is awesome
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