Meaning of the name Mattie:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Matties are cute, fun to be around and I love her.
Caring, nice, and strong. He or she will do anything for love.
it means you are the awesomest awesome person who is awesome who enjoys being awesome
a loving girl with a good active way loves nature
My name is Mattie, and I used to hate my name because I was always the only one with that name, but now I feel special!! Thanks! And BTW, Mattie is NOT a boy name, you stupid monkey brain idiots! :(
My name is Mattie and ALL these r true!!!!
i heard it was strong housewife!!! hehehe my names mattie never met anyone else with my name so now im happy! & uh, incase anyone wants to kno, in true grit the main character's name is mattie, how awesomeee
My name is Mattie ( I'm a girl ) and I love being in nature i love peace,love, and kindness
Mattie means nice loveing kind and careing. Its also the most unique name ever! (BTW Mattie is a girls name all you brats at school! And DONT tell me its not!!)
A gorgeous person whos best friends name should be miranda
Mattie means smart and intelligent, my sisters name is Mattie, and shes in AIG, meaning advanced, intelectual grades
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