Meaning of the name May:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
beautiful kind and precious
da awesomest middle name ever!!!
may means the light of someones heart and proberably the prettiest person you'll ever meet!!
May is a name of a month named after the godess Maia!
a wonderful person, whom will someday discover unicorns.
my middle name!!! so it rules!!! anyone with a name or middle name like this will be in a very romantic relationship in the next 5 years. good luck with love you guys!!! :)
May means a princess that some day she will rule the hole world
innocent pepillowion is its meaning
may is my middle name. and i got this name because i was born in may. somtimes people will call me bekah may. Everyone knows my birthday cause everyone knows my middle name(: may i feel is a very beatiful name.....and name for someone strong [=
my last name is may but i was not born in may a ton of people say:is your b-day in may if so that would be so funnyit ets really annonying my b-day is in jan.
this website is dumb
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