Meaning of the name May:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
beautiful kind and precious
da awesomest middle name ever!!!
may means the light of someones heart and proberably the prettiest person you'll ever meet!!
May is a name of a month named after the godess Maia!
a wonderful person, whom will someday discover unicorns.
my middle name!!! so it rules!!! anyone with a name or middle name like this will be in a very romantic relationship in the next 5 years. good luck with love you guys!!! :)
May means a princess that some day she will rule the hole world
innocent pepillowion is its meaning
may is my middle name. and i got this name because i was born in may. somtimes people will call me bekah may. Everyone knows my birthday cause everyone knows my middle name(: may i feel is a very beatiful name.....and name for someone strong [=
my last name is may but i was not born in may a ton of people say:is your b-day in may if so that would be so funnyit ets really annonying my b-day is in jan.
I think may(my name) means beautiful, talented and smart. And that's because everywhere I look, there's a few people that want to be me but whatever they try, it never works. Also, no matter how hard you try to stop bieng yourself, you'll not change. Trust me, I've tried over 1million times but it doesn't work.
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