Meaning of the name Maya:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian, Hindu Mythology
Maya means illusion. It means a really friendly, loving, respectful, a little lazy (I am a little I guess), shy, intelligent person. I think Maya's around the world like me wish...THEY'RE NAME WAS ONE A KEYRING! =]
It means beautiful, loveing, kind, well working and a bit lazy but very active.MAYA'S RULE
Maya is the smart intelligent person who never is mean and is always loving and kind. She is also very pretty.
Maya : the name means to be wild, random , crazy , hyper and also likes to have fun (: people whose name is Maya doesn't like drama and also does not take anyones crap, maya's are independent , generous and likes to flirt
Mayas are very crazy, random and a bit srear endy at sometimes but still a good and hilarios friend!
an adventure about to begin
awesome,pretty,NOT a hater nice and has trouble being mean
Maya is an amazing friend. She loves adventure and trying new things.
maya means beautiful and outgoing...everybody loves a maya
a very great person that has alot of respect for others and loves to play text write and play man hunt with alot of boys
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