Meaning of the name Mckenna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
McKennas are always beautiful and sweet and i can tell you some people are totally jealous. McKennas are also always bright and usually never down! O yeah weare hot too :]
Who ever posted before me is right. With all the McKennas i know they have loved acting & cheer. There fun to be around & realy brighten up the room.
beauty;born of fire
the mckenna i nknow is amazing if a guy is dating her that guy is totally lucky she is a fun loving girl and i hope she knows that
an awesome person who is hot in her own way and has some people secretly crushin
My name is McKenna And i have lots of friends so i think that McKenna means loving, and nice
mckenna is beautiful amazing and awesome. be jealous.
every girl has spice but this girl has the most
mckenna is a beautyful name she is amazing in in every way she is also hot
every girl has spice but this girl has the most
My name means amazing and talented dancer and daughter of Matthew and Kirsten with sisters named Brenna and Lyssa and Alaina! (and loved chocolate!)
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