Meaning of the name Mckenzie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
McKenzie is a Scottish name. The person is usually happy and plans far ahead but forgets to plan whats actually going to happen next. McKenzies normally have blond or dirty blonde hair, with any color of eyes. I have yet to see one with brown, though. Some of the, ,if hazel, change colors. They are very nice, yet they can sting anyone-with words OR physical. Sometimes she backs down, but she never likes it. She has extremely high standards for herself and so often, she doesn't meet them. When she does, its what she expects from herself. McKenzie is also known to give thought to somethings while ignoring others. She's never the least popular but rarely the most.
McKenzie is a person of love and mystery.She will always be there for you. She is very intellegent and will never be a backstabber. She is kind but can has a dark side. She is beautiful inside and out. ~McKenzie K
My names McKenzie and i have brown hair! i hate how other people spell it Mackenzie!
a brave girl
beautful smart girl that has all a's and is sweet to her friends never will be a backstabber to anybody even if they are mean to her a loving preson too.
hard headed and never gives up
mckenzie meens ur so pretty lol
A caring person yet she has that spicy extreme side
My name is McKenzie Thornton. I have red hair and blue eyes. Im very pretty for a red hair girl. im strong inside and out. I dont take crap from no one. Im brave but sometimes im shy. When i set a goal for myself i reach it. I belive that all McKenzie's are like this. ~ McKenzie Brooke Thornton
My name is McKenzie and i have brown hair (:
Mckenzie is a girl that loves pink most of the time mckenzie can be shy but thats why people are there friend like most mckenzie's have a lot of crushes and can have blond hair they are loving people and they are not poplur!!!!!!!
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