Meaning of the name Michèle:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
Pretty & popular. The girl everyone wants to be, the girl any guy would die for. Long sparkling dark brunette hair, stunning green eyes. Amazing body. Very fun to be around, nice, hilarious, center of attention, determined, perfectionist, independent. She's simply perfect..
A beautiful girl on the inside and out. She is always very happy. Very funny. She is always the center of attention without trying whether it is wanted or not. A very down to earth person. Very intelligent and independent. She won't settle for anything less than perfect and won't stop until she gets her dream. And she is also, the love of my life.
amazingly perfect, nice but mean when necessary. funny, charming, fun to be around. tough inside & out. but this all applies to me except i have blonde hair & blue eyes.
awwwwww thanks my name is michele and my friends tell me im all this
Thanks but I have brown eyes!
Awww thx my name Michele thx!
meaning who is like God
OMG that's my name and all this describes me, according to friends & fam, even down to the d. hair & green eyes.
fine person ! ! ! !
michele's r rare n awesumm!!
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