Meaning of the name Mike:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
awesome demanding(soemtimes) shy nice great fun funny understanding
mike means a nice and caring
ad a y hottest guy ever
a lovely father whan grow up
my grandpa's name is mike and he is fuuuuunny!
he who does not bear the coat of a lagomorph
Strong but unsure. Very stressed out and strict! Likes dogs better than people for that matter! Hates work but is desperate for money! Always ends up hurting people and cant admit hes rong! Can never appoligize! Mike is a dad! Mike is loved but needs to cool off and take a long break! Mike is my dad!
he is a loving fine person rear end hoe
loving funny good at fixing stuff that broke GOOD NAME
This name means dad
Mike is my boyfiend!!!!!!
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