Meaning of the name Mindy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Mindy is crazy and smart
i think means bestest friend and sticks up for people
I think it means you could be nice when you want to and a fine person when you want to
mindy means devine light of God
how bout really funny and pretty cute if u ask me i think that the name has a speacial ring to it i really like that name
It is derived from Minda and means love.
super smart and outgoing
i think that mindy is a good name. my name is mindy and i love that name. its a name that means love, but you need to know that sometimes it hurts.
A smart girl who constantly feels insecure but know her real friends have her back and likes to feel pretty and important.
I'm a Mindy... Like the only one at my school. I agree with most of these comments(: I can't take ANY brown from NOBODY..I guess I'm dark and crazy..I'm kinda smart I guess..I stick up for people depending on who they are..I love my friends/family and put them before me..But I'm not cutee..
Softball freak like me
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