Meaning of the name Mindy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Mindy is crazy and smart
i think means bestest friend and sticks up for people
how bout really funny and pretty cute if u ask me i think that the name has a speacial ring to it i really like that name
I think it means you could be nice when you want to and a fine person when you want to
It is derived from Minda and means love.
i think that mindy is a good name. my name is mindy and i love that name. its a name that means love, but you need to know that sometimes it hurts.
super smart and outgoing
mindy means devine light of God
A smart girl who constantly feels insecure but know her real friends have her back and likes to feel pretty and important.
My nick name is Mindy and absolutly love it. Most people call me Mindy instead of my real name (Melinda) they say its a cute name, and it means you are very out going, and beautiful.
means honey and its short for melinda
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