Meaning of the name Myranda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
nice smart beautiful giver softspoken
cute,pretty,mean,and awesome
i love my name being a Myranda
To be honest I never thought that others have a y in their Myranda instead of a i.I thought that i in Myranda is for whites and I'm black and my name has a y.
the frist couple things on this id like dead on maybe we kinda like even more then just havein the same name
i love my name being a Myranda
A good beautiful person who will fight for what she loves.... She is nice and sometimes shy
i love my name and am am funny cool fun
My name is Myranda and I like being different and I'm WHITE
My Name is Myranda [:- Were Shy But Outgoing, we speak our minds we dont give a Fhhuck what people say. We Love BOYS and we Like hanging with Boys causse Girls are Dramaa. We have our Days and Were fine persones, fine persones to People but were not fine persones to our Mans'We make good Sammiches
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