Meaning of the name Myrna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Irish
People actually say that this name is pretty and unique
My mom is not stupid
it means beloved, pretty, and gracious
this name is kewl
hot girls are named myrna
it means the principal who needs a life
yea mothergently caresser fine personrear end nigga you need to say what you want to be said about you fine personrear end suck my dog and hope mad people make fun of your name fine person rear end suck my dog and shuvyour dads dog up your happyrear end
whos parents are stupid enough to name u wateva ur name is to ^ |
you are stupid for saying that myrna is studid you crackhead
i thik who ever says it is stupid is very ignorate
Who ever has that name is stupid. Whos parents r stupid enough to name some one Myrna?
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