Meaning of the name Naomi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Hebrew, Biblical
Naomi is in the bible and is hebrew for Pleasant, my name is Naomi!
naomi means beautiful preety all that positive things
Naomi means talented beautiful and smart
strong caring giving never fells good info
bearer of good news pleasant
it means: The best person in the world!
Hebrew_ pleasant
Ppl just need to let her live her life in stop tlk down on her. Hell
a beautiful AMAZING friend :) i freaking love her .
It means super uber lovey fine person. thats me! hahahahah IM A loveY fine person!
Wat u wrote that gently caress Jason straight lame gone had in gently caress him I'll turn around in gently caress ten female. Forever guy u gently caress so pull it or tell this lame nigga to stop. U know i get mad quick. Trust me u dnt want me to put u on a my ex list in i dnt want to b on ur. gently caress wat everybody else saying
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