Meaning of the name Naomi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Hebrew, Biblical
Naomi is in the bible and is hebrew for Pleasant, my name is Naomi!
naomi means beautiful preety all that positive things
Naomi means talented beautiful and smart
bearer of good news pleasant
strong caring giving never fells good info
Hebrew_ pleasant
Like me hear it through the phone when a song come on u like
my name is naomi and it is in the bibble!!
;) love her name tooo
Lol u r soo silly but it put a smile on my face to see u hear u happy no wonder am happy all day.
Naomi u the best woman that walk into my life. I give up smoking weed in drinking cuz it wasn't helping me just ruin me like every other female came into my life yes i see clear now in i see all the thing u have done for me as too better me in r relationship. That fabolous got that work was abt me how i was in high school n college. Ill never b that guy again cuz i dnt want too
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