Meaning of the name Natalie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English, German
beautiful and nice
natalie is an individual, not like others.
Natalie is a GENIUS!!!!!!!! not a freak!I am also gorgeous
Natalie is the coolest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She rox!!!!!!!!!!1
Natalie means to be protective of others. Nicer to her friends then family. Shy at first. Not a picky eater. Adventurous.
dam u people u r a lie fine persones!!!!!!!!!! natalie is a beautiful name it means she is an awesome friend she is funny 2 luv u natalie:)
natalie means nice and NOT a bossy brat
it means different, funny, adventurous and the most awusome sis ever! lov ya natalie!!!! :)
Natalie is smart kind and beautful!!!!!!
natalie is a girl who gets bad carma, shes great at cheer, or anyhting she puts her mind to, shes determined, happy, cheerful, she falls in love too easy, shes a christian, and she is very independent!
natalie means funny, talented in many ways,intelligent,beautiful,adventurous,some people are jealous of her.sometimes too hard on herself to be perfect. basically awesome!!!
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