Meaning of the name Natalie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English, German
beautiful and nice
natalie is an individual, not like others.
Natalie is a GENIUS!!!!!!!! not a freak!I am also gorgeous
Natalie means to be protective of others. Nicer to her friends then family. Shy at first. Not a picky eater. Adventurous.
Natalie is the coolest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She rox!!!!!!!!!!1
Natalie is smart kind and beautful!!!!!!
dam u people u r a lie fine persones!!!!!!!!!! natalie is a beautiful name it means she is an awesome friend she is funny 2 luv u natalie:)
Natalie is awesome funny weird caring sometimes serious sweet and has a nerve for adventure
Natalie mean loving and caring of her friend she will do anything for her family and whats funny my name is Natalie!!
natalie is my sister and nonne of these coments are true atcept she frekely
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