Meaning of the name Natalie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English, German
beautiful and nice
natalie is an individual, not like others.
Natalie is a GENIUS!!!!!!!! not a freak!I am also gorgeous
Natalie is the coolest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She rox!!!!!!!!!!1
Natalie means to be protective of others. Nicer to her friends then family. Shy at first. Not a picky eater. Adventurous.
dam u people u r a lie fine persones!!!!!!!!!! natalie is a beautiful name it means she is an awesome friend she is funny 2 luv u natalie:)
she is my best friend!!!
Natalie is a girl with brown hair and brown eyes that is different deppending on the people. She is going to probably like black and red and she is probably going to be skinny. shes not the sweetest apple in the bunch but she makes a great sister and I would know since I have my very own Natalie to call my own.
Pretty, kind, smart, also brown eyes and hair. AND IM A NATALIE SO I AM ALL THAT!
It means famios
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