Meaning of the name Nate:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
nate is the most cool guy you can get hes hot
In western Indian culture the name "Nate or term rear endociates that person as a meat loving eater. That does not stop eating meat and loves to eat the sacred cow.
Nate's mine to he's a great boyfriend!=)
A gental, hardworking, clever, and creative persone with great personality. He has many friends. Is very imagenative and wise.
kind, funny, down-to-earth
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 word awsome
A hot guy who's name is really Nathan but everybody calls him Nate. Very athletic, only has one best friend, nice to everyone, you can embarrrear end him easily, and a Baptist and firm believer.
Nate sooooo cute and short luv the shorties luv ya nate
My names Nate and people say I'm outgoing crzy love fried chiken and cats are awsome peace
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