Meaning of the name Nate:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
nate is the most cool guy you can get hes hot
In western Indian culture the name "Nate or term rear endociates that person as a meat loving eater. That does not stop eating meat and loves to eat the sacred cow.
Nate's mine to he's a great boyfriend!=)
nate is awkard
It means the animal dave batista
The name Nate means you are very, very handsome and nice to everyone. He easily makes friends and the girls are falling for him. Very funny and nice and he loves to make you laugh
My Friend Nate is very awesome
extremly nice usually look cute and will become your friend easly(most like pokemon)
It means that you are a loving fine person OF AN rear end in a tophatWho dates people for like a day because hes such a fine person
Nate's name meaning is very intresting.
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