Meaning of the name Nia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Welsh
purpose and nia moncure is amazing
Nia meaning purpose my name is so beautiful!
my name is cute
Seriously, Nia is a beautiful name
my 4 year old doughter name is nia she is beautiful full of life and a very happy baby
gift og God
Nia is part welsh, Swahilian and Irish. In the swahili language it means purpose, and in welsh it means brightness. There was once a princess called nia Ben aur ( I know... Sounds welsh right!) which means nia of the golden hair. And who ever writes bad things on here, pee off, and go and write rubbish on your own name. By the way nia also means champion, therefore we are champions so I suggest you back off.
nia means purouse
my name is a african princcess i had no idea!!!!!i love my name my friends were so wrong they told me that nia meant gods purpose i still believe that but now i know they truth plus that now i know why people say " I WANT YOUR NAME" but i just thought they hated there name guess not i am light i am brightness parents start naming your kids nia lol !?!?!?!?!?!
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