Meaning of the name Nico:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish
handsome, smart, funny, athletic, loving. :)
He is a great person to talk to. He will listen to you and try to help out when possible. If you come across a Nico, treat him well and hd might return the favor.
Playful, smart, strong, cute, buff and welcoming, annoying but you'll never hate him, energetic, dependable, a friend, and has cheesy funny humor.Keeps personal stuff to himself and will always make you smile and will always be on your side and stick up for you when times are serious.
Son of Hades. Holds grudges, but helpful. He has a hard time trusting people.
Mean at times but u gotta love him
A perons that is a sweet grate awaome loveing perons
egh he's ok a little annoying not shy will admit he likes you a little bit of a touche though but buff too and he's got some abs
A nice loving cute little bug sometimes annoying but he is the greatest boy ever! If you don't love him you don't have much prear endion!
im a girl people
I know a Nico and he so cute and funny he call me his girlfriend how cute
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