Meaning of the name Nicole:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English, Dutch
Mean's someone who is very caring and want's everyone to be happy. She love's hug's, kisses and chocolate. She hates when people are haters and loves to have fun. You should date a Nicole :)!!!
victory of people,smart,nice,shy
it means that she is a good person and does good for others always loving and caring..It comes from the greek origin.. and it means 'victory of people'
nicole is a name from the french that means "victory of the people" so there yaa go!
it mean amazing. victorious to the people
great person and smart
that u are perfect and loving love to make people happy no matter what once u love some one ur feelings well never change
Nicole is the best thing that ever happened to little old me. :) She's beautiful, funny, and I have so much fun with her. I luvs u, Nicki!!
Thiis namee meanns, THAA BESTT. (:
Nicole means you are freakin awesome. Discuss.
shes very cute and very hilarous and fun to hang out and always shy :D i love a girl named nicole shes 12 and shes so cute fun to talk to and has alot of friends shes filipino too love you lots nicole
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