Meaning of the name Nikki:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
this name means loving,caring,awesome,smart,athletic, and luckywhoever has this name is very lucky
"Nikki" is sometimes short for "niccolette" and means "Cute Girl"
a really pretty girl. she is the cheerleader/smart/pretty girl that everyone likes!:) all the boys chase her!!!-nikki
i love nikki that is a awsome name my firends sisters name is nikki and she is not a bad person or bad name
hi my name is also Nikki and my name means grace and everything good in the world in my country, Iran
the bestes in the world
My name is nikki and i feel so special
i know someone whos name is nikki
my names Nikki and its Awsome! Everybody says I have there characteristics
my name is Nikki, and it is short for nothing. it means victory over the people or like victory over the crowd......except its not true for me...........and im CRAZY
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