Meaning of the name Noah:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
Soft yet strong. Noah has a great personality and possesses the qualities of a charismatic leader. He is often stubborn but that isn't always a bad thing. He is my best friend and my heart. Inta habibi.
kind, generous, gets along with almost any ppl, carefree, funny, happy, cool, a person you can rely to :)
weird and can sometimes be random but at the end funny always making you wanna laugh
Someone who may be found attractive to girls and is vert athletic
Interesting...many Noah's can be two-faced. Often appearing or physically tough, but always a "teddy-bear on the inside". Many are insecure about themselves, yet they do not know how much they are loved and how popular they are. ALWAYS either a total ladies man, or an absolute dork.
a really cute guy
it actually means "rock"
hot:))) inlove with a noah
is a weirdo skiny freak
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