Meaning of the name Obi:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Igbo
was my cat.
was my cat.
This site is a black
its a talking hand on a show for 3 year olds
im from star wars
was my cat.
it means something cool duhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my cat!!!
Dear Marilyn- I tried to register and log on at Petfinders forum, but it kept tnlileg me my sign in was invalid and there was no way to undo it all and start over! Anyway, I hope you can help me understand my 10 month old kitten Maggie's recent behavior. (we also have her brother, Rumi both adopted at the same time from a rescue organization. We've had them since April). We have a mutual food dish, which they share nicely and their water dish is next to the food dish, both on a placemat in our dining room. This is how it's been since they came home with us. Recntly, Maggie has been spilling the water bowl to the point where the hardwood floor is warped . I've used all the tricks I normally use a firm NO! and even the spray bottle. She'll run, then come back to it and spill some more (pushes the bowl around, puts her paw in it). I finally removed the bowl and mat today, but I want to have the consistency (not to mention their water source ) but I'm not sure what to do. They both also drink from the toilet, so they have access to water (not MY idea of a good drink of water!), but I don't want them, especially Rumi, since he uses the bowl to drink from and not play with, to be confused. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you!
Yeah! I used to watch the show Obi when I was little! And I was 4 & 3 when I watched that show....
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